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JoinShip is a global technology company with a consumer-intelligence platform, delivers audience with precise targeting capabilities and re-engagement tools across the mobile ecosystem, aiming to enhance returns on marketing investment through mobile advertisement.

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Driven by AI technology and big data, reach the right users at the right time and help you maximize conversions through test optimization. To ensure the effective transformation of ad by customized strategy and accurate algorithm, improve the efficiency of flow monetization, helping you obtain a virtuous circle of user growth and ad monetization.

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JoinShip is a network to connect Advertisers and Publishers from all over the world. We have succeeded to attract over 5000 publishers and to make effective partnerships with a number of high quality Ad Networks. We grow daily with many publishers and advertisers.


Our whole team works hard to write and pick the best affiliate marketing content out there just so that you can avoid affiliate marketing beginner's mistakes, make better day-to-day campaign management decisions, and be ahead of the curve on industry trends.

JoinShip, founded in 2019, is a data-driven and performance-based mobile advertising platform, offering various solutions across all categories.

Powered by big data accumulation and analysis, we provide customized mobile promotion plans and help every client to grow user base worldwide effectively.